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Akil and G Wiki is the ultimate guide to the video game idea, Akil and G. The main plot is that a young boy called Akil fights bandits and thieves like his dad and he accidently drinks from a giene's lamp and the giene, G is trapped inside him. This gives Akil powers and he promises G that he let him free once he helps him defeat the all powerful bandit leader, Ghazi.


Image Name Description
TBA Akil Akil is a young boy who wants to be just like his father by fighting thieves and bandits. His mother is soon captured by Ghazi, so he drinks from a giene's lamp and gains powers from the mighty giene, G.
TBA G G is a gangsta like giene. He is soon swallowed bt Akil and gets trapped inside him and forced to help him defeat Ghazi.
TBA Ghazi
TBA Akil's mother
TBA Akil's father

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